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About Us

Greenmer is a leading provider of specialty polymer compounds, especially for wire & cable, renewable energy components, hose, pipe and automotive sectors. Greenmer follows all market trends and offers a wide range of innovative products and services. 

Greenmer Privilege; 

*Greenmer products are compatible with RoHS and Reach regulations 
*Greenmer products do not include halogen gases and heavy metals 
*Greenmer have single screw, twin screw and co-kneader line for different production technology 
*All Greenmer production lines have gravimetric dosing system 
*Greenmer provides sustainable quality therefore has developed "Greenmer Versatile Control System" 

Greenmer Provides; 

*Thermoplastic Halogen Free Compounds (HFFR) 
*Silane Crosslinkable Halogen Free Compounds (XL-HFFR, XLPO) 
*Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds (TPE) 
*Thermoplastic Vulcanizate Compounds (TPV) 
*Silane Crosslinkable Polyethylene Compounds (XLPE) 
*Silane Crosslinkable EPR-EPDM Compounds (XL-EPR) 
*Special Halogen Free Additives For Flame Retardancy 

*Special Solutions For Improving The Productivity

Greenmer About Us
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